How to Select Riveting Machine?

Riveting machine (spin riveting machine) has been widely used in many machinery industry, many companies are going to buy it due to it is a new type of mechanical processing equipment. Most of purchasing men do not know so much about riveting machines, therefore it is much difficult to purchasing satisfactory riveting machines for them.

Riveting machine, also known as riveters, spin riveting machine, rolling riveting machine. There are different types of riveting machines. Each type of machine has unique features and benefits.Riveting machines can be sub-divided into two broad groups — impact riveting machines and spin riveting machines. Spin riveting machine can be divided into common orbital riveting machine and advanced radial riveting machine in accordance with different principles(SeeThe Comparison of Orbital and Radial Riveting Machine and The Principle of Spin Riveting Machine).

Orbital riveting machine and radial riveting machine applicable range is very wide. So how to select a excellent performance and reliable operation riveting machine?

Firstly, we select the model of spin riveting machine in accordance with your special requirement.

Case 1: Riveting pieces has complex shape and it is difficult to positioning. The better choice is radial riveting machine.

Case 2: In addition, you should also take into account the rivet length to diameter ratio, you should choose orbital riveting machine if the ratio is less than 8, otherwise you should choose radial riveting machine if the ratio is more than 8.

Case 3: If you are processing a appearance parts with high requirement on the surface, you should consider the radial riveting machine, due to radial riveting machine can perform a smooth and bright surface after riveting.

Case 4: If your work piece is easy to position and clamp by a simple rivet holder, it is recommended that you choose orbital riveting machine.

Case 5: If your riveting machine is used for riveting on plastic, ceramic materials and electroplated layer metal, you must choose radial riveting machine.

Case 6: If your products has no special requirement, we friendly suggest that you select orbital riveting machine, because it is not so helpful for improving quality while you increase the investment if you select radial riveting machine.

Secondly,we select the type of spin riveting machine in accordance with your occupation area or factory condition.

Hydraulic riveting machine is a common kind of riveting machine, it has stable riveting pressure and reliable structure while the cost is a little higher than pneumatic riveting machine. Pneumatic riveting machine is equipped with an independent air supply station, generally the requirement of air pressure is above 6 kg and volume is more than 0.3 m3/min, the small air compressor for common use can satisfy the requirement. It is cheaper cost while the unstable gas source can have certain influence to the riveting machine, Thus most of manufacturers also consider using hydraulic riveting machine instead of pneumatic riveting machine to provide a stable riveting effect.

The choice of vertical, desktop or horizontal machine, this is decided by customers according to your factory conditions. General we recommend to choose vertical type, this type riveting machine is more flexible and can be processed widely, while the desktop riveting machine is suitable for production line layout.

Finally, we select the model of spin riveting machine in accordance with your products specifications and parameter.

Please choose the rivet diameter accordingly (See The Parameter Comparison of Riveting Machine). Relatively if your work piece is soft material such as aluminum, copper or the rivets is hollow, a little smaller size riveting machine is also available. For example, aluminum rivets diameter is 8 mm, then we can choose model with 6mm or larger than 6 mm.

There are many additional features for the riveting machine required by customers, such as monitor pressure value, visual adjust spacing device, riveting time setting, monitor work schedule, automatic lubricating device, man-machine interface and so on. These upgrade items are provided according to your requirement. Some items may cost price is higher than the original riveting machine you bought. Do not hesitate to contact with us if any doubt, we will give you the most professional solutions provided by our technical team, the pre-market and after-sale technical advisory services is free.

It has already been explained about the selection of riveting machine products, let's talk about other matters needing attention.

Notice 1: Don't order riveting machine with a limit switch device (also known as non-slipping rolling riveting machine (SeeThe Analysis of Full Rolling Movement Without Slipping Technology ). Generally speaking, the majority of the riveting machine with a limit switch device is unqualified products except some riveting machines have special requirement. Normally riveting machine need to add limit switch device in the case of the self-rotation exceeds standard.

There is a way to test out the qualified riveting machine. We draw a line by chalk on side of the rivet head prior to rivet head rotation, we can see that the chalk line on rivet head turn very slow even stagnate if it is the high-quality riveting machine. Otherwise, if we obviously see the chalk line on rivet head turn more than 10 circle per minute, it means the riveting machine is unqualified. Especially for the radial riveting machine process high requirement of apparent quality riveting, rivet head rotation have a negative influence for apparent quality (See Video-Radial riveting machine demo).

Notice 2: When selecting the hydraulic or pneumatic riveting machine, the most afraid of issues customers concerned is oil or air leakage (See Analysis Several Leakage Reasons on Spin Riveting Machine), Mainly there are two reasons may cause abnormal leakage, one is that the size of the seal ring is unmatchable, the other is that seal ring wear out due to moved with the roughness surface of cylinder liner.

Our company's riveting machines adopt the fine surface cylinder liner with quilted grinding process for ensuring a longer trouble-free periodn (See The Innovative Technology of Quilted Grinding Process for Further Improving Quality of Riveting Machine). IRIVET Machinery guarantee free to replace brand new machines as same model if serious oil or air leakage occur during one year free replacement warranty period. It is welcome to visit our factory for watching cylinder processing and machine manufacturing on the scene.

Wuhan Irivet Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been verified by ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification, simultaneously company's Quality Assurance System is established according to the standards of QSC.All processes and operations including production designing, material selection, whole machine assembly, operation testing, stores inventory, sales and after-sales service are in accordance with the standards of Quality Assurance System management.The whole production process is closely monitored.

Service Promise

We will practice our commitment to customers, and strive to make customers trust of purchase, we guarantee to provide customers needs.

Service Items

Pre-market after-sale technical advisory services

Free technical guidance. Free sample riveting. Free mail specimen.

Two years warranty

Equipment quality issues will be replaced or free maintenance service.

One year free change promise

Free to change brand new same model of equipment within one year if major fault occure under normal operation, the major faults should must be follow warranty terms and conditions.

Whole-life service

Warranty of riveting machine also provide after-sales service, only charge you for service and replacement parts cost.

48 hours on-site emergency maintenance

For purchasing more than 5 sets machines of customers, on-site maintenance services carry out within 48 hours for major problems during the warranty period.(See Instruction Manual).Non- warranty period should charge for the maintenance.


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