The Main Features and Applications of Riveting Machine


Riveting machines are used to automatically set (squeeze) rivets in order to join materials together. The riveting machine offers greater consistency, productivity, and lower cost when compared to manual riveting.

Riveting machines can be sub-divided into two broad groups — impact riveting machines and spin (orbital or radial) riveting machines.

Spin Riveting machine currently has been greatly used in industrial production, it is also referred as orbital (or radial) riveting machine, rolling riveting machine, cold forming machine, it is developed on the basis of the principle of cold rolling and becomes a new type of pressure riveting forming equipment. The equipment has compact structure, stable performance, easy operation, high efficience. Compared with traditional backward riveting process (Impact riveting machine), the obvious advantages as following:


Main Features:

  • 1. Rivet forming force is smaller, it is 10% downward force of impact riveting, No bad deformation after riveting
  • 2. Riveting surface perform bright and smooth.
  • 3. Non-vibration, lower noisy, low energy comsumption, easy and safety operation.
  • 4. High efficient, lower cost.
  • 5. Easy to realize automation for upgrading.



Main Applications:

Spin riveting machines (Orbital or Radial riveting machine) )are used in a wide range of applications including brake linings for commercial vehicles, aircraft, and locomotives, textile and leather goods, metal brackets, window and door furniture, latches and even mobile phones. Many materials can be riveted together using orbital riveting machines including delicate and brittle materials, and sensitive electrical or electronic components.

There are different types of spin riveting machines. Each type of machine has unique features and benefits. It includes Orbital series and Radial series, and vertical, desktop, horizontal types, more than ten kinds of specifications standard spin riveting machine.

As long as the appropriate riveting head, it can be used to riveting the workpiece under various shapes as follows:




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