Riveting Machine (Spin Riveting Machine) Applications


CNC Riveting Machine for processing Engine cylinder head cover

Engine cylinder head cover is a typical aluminum alloy die casting, It is light weight and thin wall castings. The traditional way is to adopt hydraulic press riveting method to forming dozens of riveting points at the same time, by using a large tonnage equipment. The greatest disadvantages include cracking scrap issues always occurring and riveting effect can't accurate control.

IRIVET is the first company to researching and developing the CNC riveting machine for processing Engine cylinder head cover in China. The riveting quality greatly improved by using CNC riveting machine and it take a much smaller occupation area.


Dual Head Aluminum Ladder Making Machine

Wuhan IRIVET provide aluminum ladder making machine,aluminum ladder squeezing machine, aluminum ladder expanding machine,aluminum ladder flanging machine, Multi-function ladder making machine and automation production line. We also provide a ladder punching equipment and a full set of mold.

We concentrate on researching and developing various kinds of aluminum ladder riveting machine according to customer's requirement. We has developed more than 10 kinds of aluminum ladder making machine, including single chip ladder, folding ladder, telescopic ladder, multi-function ladder, household ladder, industrial ladder, scaffold ladder, cable ladder, insulation ladder, etc.


CNC Riveting Machine for processing Car trunk lid hinge

Car trunk lid hinge contain a pair of symmetrical parts include left and right piece,each piece have 5-6 rivet points with different diameter and length of rivets. It is really difficult to avoid processing defective products by humans job. However, our CNC riveting machine can process the left and right pieces at once and automatically detect the fault job, it will give perfect customers


Rivetless Riveting Machine (equipped with Laser Sight Device) for processing Electric control box

Rivetless riveting is a process known as clinching which cold-forms the part metal using a special punch and die to form a strong interlocking clinch joint. No external fasteners, or welding is utilized in the process. Due to electric cabinet is square parts, it is inconvenient to use clamping method for positioning , we got a solutions that equipped with laser sight device for more accurate positioning.






Car door locker  Brake linings Auto windscreen wiper
铆接机旋铆机加工样品 铆接机旋铆机加工样品 铆接机旋铆机加工样品
Electric and sensitive Electronics appliances Motorcycle parts Universal joint
铆接机旋铆机加工样品 铆接机旋铆机加工样品 铆接机旋铆机加工样品
Metal chair and funitures Bearing Engine cylinder
铆接机旋铆机加工样品 铆接机旋铆机加工样品 铆接机旋铆机加工样品
Tools Circuit board Building fasteners

Service Promise

We will practice our commitment to customers, and strive to make customers trust of purchase, we guarantee to provide customers needs.

Service Items

Pre-market after-sale technical advisory services

Free technical guidance. Free sample riveting. Free mail specimen.

Two years warranty

Equipment quality issues will be replaced or free maintenance service.

One year free change promise

Free to change brand new same model of equipment within one year if major fault occure under normal operation, the major faults should must be follow warranty terms and conditions.

Whole-life service

Warranty of riveting machine also provide after-sales service, only charge you for service and replacement parts cost.

48 hours on-site emergency maintenance

For purchasing more than 5 sets machines of customers, on-site maintenance services carry out within 48 hours for major problems during the warranty period.(See Instruction Manual).Non- warranty period should charge for the maintenance.


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