CNC Riveting Machine -Wheel Hub Bearing Riveting Machine(Heavy Duty Riveting Machine) JM40-PLC

CNC Wheel Hub Bearing Riveting Machine

JM40-PLC Wheel Hub Bearing Riveting Machine(Orbital wheel hub bearing riveting machine) is developed on the basis of JM-30 style, we apply stroke monitoring and pressure displaying to JM40-PLC, The obvious advantage is to increase fatigue strength, smooth surface and processing efficiency.

JM40 -PLC Wheel hub bearing riveting machine equipted with LCD touch-sensitive screen


1、TYPE JM40PCL,Max.riveting pressure150KN, Max. working stroke 40mm.

2、The descent rate of spindle is stepless adjustable.

3、Workbench equipped with index indication that can be exactly lift up and down.

4、The control system is applied to SIEMENS PLC system.

5、The PLC control system equipped with weight sensor so that it can measure riveting pressure and indicated by numbers on the screen.As well, it equiped with grating ruler so that it can control the working stroke and indicated by numbers on the screen.

6、The riveting time and displacement can be controlled on automatic model.

7、The parameter of riveting pressure, riveting processing time, non- axial feed delay time and riveting stroke during the manufacturing process can be record and stored in the computer (optional item for upgrading).

8、We will provide operation training critical spare parts purchasing list for your convenience.

9、The production color is painted strictly according to the standard color card for good looking.

10、JM40-PLC is equipped with workpieces feeding crosswise workbench, the workbench is driven by hydraulic oil cylinder to feed workpieces. What human's job is only put the workpieces into correct position and push the START button, then the riveting machine will be complete the whole processing automatically.

Electrical control system details:

Master controller:SIEMENS PLC system

Self-diagnostic:Mainly used for starting detection if machine is ready to start or not,the holder is in correct position or not.

Starting control circuit:The machine will start to run when two starting button press at the same time.

Position sensor:Riveting stroke will be displayed on screen.

Pressure sensor:Mainly use to detect riveting pressure of the workpieces and it will be displayed on screen.

Data input:Users can set the parameter of riveting pressure, timer, and working stroke on the screen of control system.

Workpieces counter:The completed workpieces number.

Positioning control:The spindle position is controlled on Auto mode.

Mode Selection:The mode switch can select the modes to Auto, Manuel and Semi-Auto on the control panel.

Spindle start-stop button:The spindle motor will be started by pushing the START button as well as stopped by pushing the STOP button on the screen, also you can push the button in the control box.

Hydraulic start-stop button:The hydraulic oil pump will be started by pushing the START button as well as stopped by pushing the STOP button on the screen, also you can push the button in the control box.

Pressure reset:The riveting pressure will be reset to zero.

Position reset:The position of spindle will return to zero position whether its working position.

Counter reset:The wokpieces counter will be reset to zero for next processing.

Emergency stop:The machine will be shut down for emergency situations.

Control mode conversion:The machine default setting is timer control state, you can select timer control, position control or pressure control.

Video---CNC Wheel Hub Bearing Riveting Machine

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