CNC Rotary Table Riveting Machine

CNC Rotary Table Riveting Machine

This machine is new generation riveting machine which apply CNC index plate to programmable riveting machine, the maximum riveting diameter is 9mm. It is radial machine while combined biaxial program control with 11 disc plum.

The obvious advantages of CNC rotary table riveting machine includes stability processing, performing smooth surface and various adjustable functions. Users can adjust the riveting stoke length, riveting pressure, feeding rate, and also hydraulic system pressure to ensure perfect riveting performance. It is suitable for processing several rivets points on one workpiece that automatic complete processing this workpiece at once without adjust and position it again, as well it will keep high precision. CNC rotary table riveting machine can use to process special purpose or large scale riveting job that other common riveting machine can not get it.

CNC Radial Rotary Table Riveting Machine

dotThis system can be rebulit for 2-3 times more processing quantity of workpieces
dotProcessing Controller ensure perfect performance of riveting

       CNC Rotary Table Riveting Machine
  Automatic riveting operation
Efficience increasing 2-3 times
Working area 300 x 200 mm
Single or several clamp for holding 
Meet the variouty of height requirement.
Automatic feeding and processing
Automatic turn out completed pieces
Quality monitoring during riveting processing
Mode 4 
Integrated automatic riveting machine 
Mode 3
Basic positioning riveting machine, strength welding frame, rotary table with index plate, X and Y direction movement
CNC positioning riveting machine mode
Various sizes of powerheads are available for assembly
Customize the expective sulotions as your requirements
Standard mode available
Mode 2 
Positioning riveting machine equipped with XY direction movement 
Mode 1
Radial riveting machine, Elect-Pneumatic control, "C" vertical type 
Meet the variouty of height requirement
The various heights and positions of rivets points can be distinguished by programmable control system, it will compare the gotten data with your setting data and then automatic process riveting job. 
Processing Controller HPP-25 in RNC control
Set the parameter and control the processing on control panel of touch screen
Users' requirement performed by Processing Controller

More efficient riveting process by operating the machine on control panel

Save your time and reduce the cost

Video ---CNC Radial Riveting Machine for processing engine cylinder cover

CNC cylinder cover riveting machines have been developed for the third generation of CNC riveting machine, it can get the riveting quality higher than the traditional riveting machine. The obvious advantages includes that it is suitable for processing various types of workpieces, and the riveting parameters is visible and adjustable on the touch screen, as well it equipped with the complete safety measures. The series of CNC riveting machines have already been purchased by many customers and we receive the good reputation for our products and service.

The single point riveting pressure of CNC cylinder cover riveting machines is only reach 10% that of traditional riveting machine. It can prevent unexpected deformation or damage due to the lower riveting pressure by radial riveting machine.Radial riveting head can produce partial pendulum movement and point of contact between the mould and workpieces, this is the reason why the riveting pressure is much lower than traditional riveting machine. On the other hand, radial riveting machine perform workpieces highly polished and smooth surface.

The most valuable of CNC riveting machine is particularly suitable for various types of cylinder cover, it will perfect match you expection because of the applying of XYZ three-dimensional positioning, no matter how many rivet points and how difficult to reach the corner of cylinder head. As well it is very easy to control that all of parameters can be set on the LCD touch screen.

High definition Video,Please click CNC Radial riveting machine for processing engine cylinder cover

Video---CNC Radial riveting machine for processing car boot hinge

Car boot hinge contain a pair of symmetrical parts include left and right piece,each piece have 5-6 rivet points with different diameter and length of rivets. It is really difficult to avoid processing defective products by humans job. However, our CNC riveting machine can process the left and right pieces at once and automatically detect the fault job, it will give perfect customers experience.

High definition Video,Please click CNC Radial riveting machine for processing engine cylinder cover

Video---CNC Radial riveting machine for processing engine governor

High definition Video,Please click C type radial riveting machine for processing engine governor


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