CNC Riveting Machine-C Type Radial Riveting Machine

CNC Riveting Machine

The main advantages of CNC Riveting Machine-C Type Radial Riveting Machine

CNC Riveting Machine-C type radial riveting machine is new generation of radial riveting machine developed on traditional radial riveting machine , it applys 3 spindle-XYZ automatic technology to the original radial riveting machine.The processes are more stable and the contact surface is more smooth,save much time and humans cost.


C Type Radial Riveting Machine CNC Riveting Machine  
■Apply the latest automation technology
■Computer program control, convenient and reliable operation
■Apply 3 spindle-XYZ automatic technology
■10.1 inches LCD touch screen
■Workpieces automatic positioning and holding
■Digital pressure sensor
■Several safety sensors
■Single head or Multi-head design
■Fully functional hydraulic station
■Auto, Manuel and Semi-Auto selection
■Pressure display
■Aluminium alloy and organic glass safty cover
■Automatic deloading
■Automatic shutdown delay
■Reserved hydraulic synchronous clamp interface for upgrading
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Specific parameters provided by the users, we design and manufacture them. We will customize as your requirement.
  • The working process of the equipment is as follows:
    • 1.Start the motor, the control system will back to zero state, the workbench move to the clamping position.
    • 2.Operators take workpiece to holder correctly and then hold it tightly.
    • 3.Start the machine, it will automatic process the holder together with workpieces to riveting position and then lock them.(Controlled by motor phase locking control system)
    • 4.Power head move down to riveting position(Moving distance adjustable)
    • 5.When the power head move down to the setting of riveting position to complete the single point of riveting.
    • 6.Hydraulic servo cylinder get working to move back the power head(Moving distance adjustable).
    • 7.Power head will automatic move to the next setting position exactly and start next riveting process action(Controlled by XYZ 3 spindle positioning).
    • 8.Repeat step 4 ~ 7 processing.
    • 9.After the completion of whole riveting process, it will automatically move the holder and workpiece manual operation position.
    • 10.Complete riveting process
    1. Parameter of C Type Radial Riveting Machine
      Maxi. working pressure 20KN
      Max. riveting diameter 12mm(solid steel rivet)
      Maxi. working stroke 60mm
      Main spindle motor power 0.75KW
      Maxi. height from power head to the workbench 235mm
      Maxi. height of workbench lifting 200mm
      Rivet head center to the workbench surface distance 250mm
      Extend length of rivets 85mm
    2. Workbench size 600X300mm;
      Adopt rectangular 30 guide rail
      PositionaI accuracy:≤0.05mm;
      XYZ spindle moving distance: X 450mm,Y 250mm,Z 60mm; (X and Y direction can be customized)


    Video ---CNC C Type Radial Riveting Machine for processing engine cylinder cover

    CNC cylinder cover riveting machines have been developed for the third generation of CNC riveting machine, it can get the riveting quality higher than the traditional riveting machine. The obvious advantages includes that it is suitable for processing various types of workpieces, and the riveting parameters is visible and adjustable on the touch screen, as well it equipped with the complete safety measures. The series of CNC riveting machines have already been purchased by many customers and we receive the good reputation for our products and service.

    The single point riveting pressure of CNC cylinder cover riveting machines is only reach 10% that of traditional riveting machine. It can prevent unexpected deformation or damage due to the lower riveting pressure by radial riveting machine.Radial riveting head can produce partial pendulum movement and point of contact between the mould and workpieces, this is the reason why the riveting pressure is much lower than traditional riveting machine. On the other hand, radial riveting machine perform workpieces highly polished and smooth surface.

    The most valuable of CNC riveting machine is particularly suitable for various types of cylinder cover, it will perfect match you expection because of the applying of XYZ three-dimensional positioning, no matter how many rivet points and how difficult to reach the corner of cylinder head. As well it is very easy to control that all of parameters can be set on the LCD touch screen.

    High definition Video,Please click CNC Radial riveting machine for processing engine cylinder cover

    Video---C type radial riveting machine for processing car boot hinge

    Car boot hinge contain a pair of symmetrical parts include left and right piece,each piece have 5-6 rivet points with different diameter and length of rivets. It is really difficult to avoid processing defective products by humans job. However, our CNC riveting machine can process the left and right pieces at once and automatically detect the fault job, it will give perfect customers experience.

    High definition Video,Please click CNC Radial riveting machine for processing engine cylinder cover

    Video---C type radial riveting machine for processing engine governor

    High definition Video,Please click C type radial riveting machine for processing engine governor


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