Riveting Production Line Automation and Optimization

Riveting Production Line Automation and Optimization

Optimization designation, Profeesional solutions, Best aft- sales service

We provide the automation and optimization service for all customers around the world. We will give the reasonable designation, professional manufacturing to optimizing your original production line therefore increasing the working efficient obviously and reducing the humans cost.



Video---Automatic Assemble Riveting Machine for processing contact spot

Automatic Assemble Riveting Machine for processing contact spot: there are some silver contact spots in the electricity switch, the sliver contact spot is very difficult to assemble by humans jobs due to it is smaller and smaller. We got a solution by optimization design to improving  the low efficient issues.

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Video---Intellegentized Riveting Machine

Intellegentized Riveting Machine (also called Robot riveting machine) is a set of developed advance technology equipment, the main purpose of Intellegentized Riveting Machine is to carry out high efficient manufacturing and low humans cost.

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Robot riveting machine
Robot riveting machine


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