Multi-Function Riveting Machine

Multi-Function Riveting Machine

Multi-Function Riveting Machine

Substantially riveting machine is a kind of hydraulic or pneumatic equipment with same function of the common pressure equipment. Why did riveting machine not work as a pressure machine? Because the spindle is designed as eccentric structure and driven by motor, the main point is eccentric structure.

Technicians of our company got a perfect solution for changing the riveting machine to pressure machine by adding functional devices. Those devices are used to separate eccentric structure spindle with driven power unit so that the driven power can work as downward pressure to workpieces directly, without via eccentric structure spindle.

Multi-function riveting machine has many functions including piercing, bending, riveting, pressing by the replacement of various riveting tools and fixtures.It has much more advantages than single function riveting machine or pressure machine.

1. It has high control precision that same as riveting machine totally . Equipped with Micro-adjusting index,its accuracy is 0.02mm.

2. It has automatic control system that same as riveting machine totally. Mode selection:Auto, Manual, Semi-Auto.

3. It has full functional adjustment that same as riveting machine totally. Such as stroke speed, pressure, two-way stroke length.

4. It has automatic deloading function that same as riveting machine, Automatic deload the pressure in cylinder when the machine is not in use, to reduce noise and extend life of hydraulic units.

Obviously Multi-function riveting machine has so many functions includes: riveting, press riveting, rivetless riveting, punching-riveting, cutting, bending, extending, punching, pressuring etc.

 DM9 DM12/C DM16/C DM20 DM30

DM16C Multi-function riveting machine


Type Radial Vertical Radial Vertical Radial Vertical Radial Vertical Radial Vertical
Driven Device Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Max.Diameter(mm) φ9 φ12 φ16 φ20 φ30
Max. Press(Ton) 2.25 3.2 5.5 10.4 14.4
Max. Stroke(mm) 30 30/60 30/60 30 30
Max. Height(powerhead to workbench)(mm) 245 340 200 260 280
Throat Depth(mm) 135 135 195 225 225
Workbench Size(mm) 260×230 260×230 350×285 430×290 430×290
Positioning Hole Diameter(mm) φ16 φ16 φ25 φ25 φ25
Lifting Distance(mm) 245 340 200 260 280
Spindle Electric Motor Power(Kw) 0.75 0.75 1.1 2.2 4.2
Speed(rpm) 960 960 960 960 960
Oil Pump Motor Power(Kw) 0.55 0.55 1.1 2.2 2.2
Speed(rpm) 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
Dimensions  L×W×H(mm) 730×490 ×1470 730×490 ×1570 850×600 ×1650 1070×600 ×1930 830×560 ×2105
Net Weight(Kg) 350 380 570 850 1500


Video---Multi-Function Riveitng Machine for Processing Ceramics Materials

At the scene of the production of riveting machine users, we found that sometimes you need to use pressure equipment, which requires users to buy both riveting machine and pressure equipment, it will costs more money. In order to give full function to the using performance of riveting machine, we use the multifunctional integration riveting machine, it can be used when riveting and pressing.

High definition Video,Please click Video---Multi-Function Riveitng Machine for Processing Ceramics Materials


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