Double Head Radial Riveting Machine-JM9D

Hydraulic Horizontal Radial Riveting Machine


Double Head Radial Riveting Machine-JM9D


■Double head design with horizontal style
■Max. riveting diameter 9mm(solid steel rivet)
■Hydraulic driven, Stepless pressure regulation
■Safty cover at rotating part for protection
■Riveting speed stepless adjustable
■Micro-adjusting index with locker
■Widen workbench,powerhead move horizontally
■Adjustable riveting time, Model slection: Auto/Manual

JM9D 对铆机

Scope of application: the instrument appearance, daily hardware and electrical equipment, etc.


The dimesion may customize as your requirement.


   JM9D is a Double Head Radial Riveting Machine which is new generation multi-point riveting machine. The maximum diameter of riveting is 9mm. It adopted the latest technology 11 disc plum radial structure. Users can adjust the riveting stoke length, riveting pressure, feeding rate, and also hydraulic system pressure to ensure perfect riveting performance. The Hydraulic station can be embedded inside the cabinet below workbench to fully save working space. Hydraulic oil tank is enlarged to reduce the temperature rising and improve the reliability. It is horizontal style equipped with reasonable workbench designation. The best quality of all units on this machine ensure the smooth surface of workpiece and stability of processing.

Parameters of JM9D
Range of workpiece diameter          Φ1-Φ9
Max. riveting pressure           14KN
Max. delivery pressure of oil pump      2.5MPa
Max. working stroke             30×2MM
Max. seperation distance      280MM
Max. distance (powerhead movment)            100×2MM
Max. height (powerhead to guide rail)    160MM
Extend length of rivets               50MM
Workbench size                1055MM×200MM
Power                     2.6Kw
Direction of oil pump rotation              Clockwise
Dimension               1700MM×200MM×300MM
Net weight                   350Kg



Video---Double Head Radial Riveting Machine

In order to guarantee the stability and quality of riveting, the two heads of Double Head Radial Riveting Machine must be manufactured at the same time to ensure the same specifications including the internal resistance, feeding rate, riveting pressure,dimension, etc. The requirements of the manufacturing precision are very high. Here we see the actual use process of riveting machine.

High definition Video,Please click Video---Double Head Radial Riveting Machine


Optional units for upgrade   
Micro adjusting index Automatic lubricator Integration control panel PLC pressure monitor


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