Hydraulic Radial Riveting Machine JM50

Heavy Duty Riveting Machine

Vertical type


Heavy duty riveting machine apply to large diameter riveting process,such as aerospace device, heavy hydro-power generating units, large parts processing industry, etc .

The maximum diameter of rivets is 50 mm in cold forming and 70mm in hot upset forming riveting. This type of machine is radial structure with hydraulic force, programmable control,LCD touch screen.

Specific parameters provided by the users, we design and manufacture them. We will customize as your requirement.

JM50 Heavy Duty Riveting Machine
Main features of Heavy Duty Riveting Machine
■Customize as your workpieces, Single column, Double column, Gantry type, Four column.
■Maximum diameter 50mm in cold forming
■Maximum diameter 70mm in hot upset forming
■Heavy duty hydraulic power
■Good rigidity
■Can be equipped with preloading device,to overcome the bad deformation
■Stepless adjusting for riveting time, pressure, speed
■Smaller riveting impact force,to reduce the mould wear
■Available for various kinds of metals
■Good riveting performance, smooth surface, no damage, no vibrating low noise
■Available for different shapes of workpieces if have proper mould
■Automatic feeding
■Easy operation, low energy consumption, long trouble-free period
          Specific parameters provided by the users, we design and manufacture them. We will customize as your requirement.
Parameters   JM50

Diameter range

Max. Riveting Pressure   220KN
Max. Delivery Pressure( Oil Pump)   2.5MPa
Max. Stroke Length   60MM
Max. Height (powerhead to workbench)   280MM
Positioning Hole Diameter   Φ26
Rivets Extend Length   85MM
Electric Power       15Kw
Rotary Direction (oil pump motor)   Clockwise
Net Weight   3600Kg
This machine is the standard model, cutomized machine is available if you like more heavy duty. Customized machine see the picture below
                                   Maximum riveting diameter is 80mm in cold forming.

Video--Testing of Radial Riveting Machine

The qualified Radial riveting machine must should have slow and stability rotary of powerhead movement, as well must should be low noise.Let's watch this video about our products.

High Definition Video, Please ckick Video--Testing of Radial Riveting Machine


Upgrade project   
Micro adjusting index Automatic lubricator Integration control panel PLC pressure monitor

Service Promise

We will practice our commitment to customers, and strive to make customers trust of purchase, we guarantee to provide customers needs.

Service Items

Pre-market after-sale technical advisory services

Free technical guidance. Free sample riveting. Free mail specimen.

Two years warranty

Equipment quality issues will be replaced or free maintenance service.

One year free change promise

Free to change brand new same model of equipment within one year if major fault occure under normal operation, the major faults should must be follow warranty terms and conditions.

Whole-life service

Warranty of riveting machine also provide after-sales service, only charge you for service and replacement parts cost.

48 hours on-site emergency maintenance

For purchasing more than 5 sets machines of customers, on-site maintenance services carry out within 48 hours for major problems during the warranty period.(See Instruction Manual).Non- warranty period should charge for the maintenance.


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