Riveting Machine Apply to Processing Small Electrical Units

It is our pleasure that our technician team was invited to visit the SIMON ELECTRIC (CHINA) COMPANY in 2011 dealers convention, together with the dealers to visit SIMON - Haian production base.

SIMON started business in 1916 by Arturo Simon vibet, and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain which is known as European Flower. SIMON is specializing in manufacturing low voltage electrical apparatus, accessory, and lamp. The multiple products cover also building control system and intelligent system, etc.

The clean and tidy switch socket production workshop

In automated production of switch socket, Simon electric is leading in front of the industry. Pioneered the use of some relevant large automatic production lines. Among them, the automatic assembly line basically achieved automatic feeding for all the plastic and metal parts, protection plate component installation, multiple spindle lock screw and folding of upside and downside shells . Here we will focus on the automatic riveting machine production line.


The vibration plate adopted the principle of electromagnetic vibration to select and sent the workpiece through the special spiral groove. It achieved smooth and high speed feeding, as well easy in operation and maintenance. Black plastic parts is filled up inside the large spiral groove, small screws are filled up inside the smaller spiral groove. The automatic riveting control system will complete the whole process automatically. This production line combined automatic riveting machine with vibration plate, to perform the fully automatic and high efficient. Now vibration plate automatic riveting machine is widely applied to small electric unit production line.

The picture as below is the automatic feeding riveting machine production line. We also saw automatic riveting machine production line for processing silver contact and others several electric units production line on the scene.




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