The Comparision of Hanging Riveting Machine Configuration and Price List

Many customers has different doubts in the selections of hanging riveting machine, the price difference among seemingly similar hanging riveting machine is above 1500 USD, due to the different quality configurations cost lead to large price gap of riveting machine on the market at present. Let's compare high quality configurations with cheap one, the reasons of difference price would be explained. Because of hanging riveting machine is mainly composed of the clamp body and hydraulic host, the comparison and analysis from the two aspects as follows.

Riveting Clamp:

Clamp body is the main parts to bear the impact force, it can not repair once appearing deformation or cracking , therefore it is important to choose the good quality clamps.

Generally cheap clamp body is forged by 40CR material, the material is in use for a short time and it will deform and crack. It can not bear the tension of 50 tons or more for riveting.This kind of riveting clamp is suitable for small tonnage equipment use, and cost is much low. Some manufacturers adopted the method that enlarging the design size in order to ensure the strength,this kind of clamps are not suitable for hanging mobile riveting due to large volume and heavy weight.

We adopted titanium steel alloy material clamp to ensure the strength and light weight.


Hydraulic Units:

Hydraulic units is used to provide the riveting motivation for the entire system, Generally cheap structure of hydraulic unit adopts high pressure plunger pump, the hydraulic control components is high pressure components, it will output high pressure hydraulic oil needed for tuning a riveting pressure byplunger pump, then push forward movement of the piston rod, to make the rivet deformation and meet the requirements of riveting. Thus,theleakage and the failures rate of high pressure system is very high, lead to large power consumption (11 kw) with high noise, the piston diameter is about 200 mm with large weight and volume, it is not suitable for portable and flexible riveting process. Since the riveting process has been in a state of high pressure, so riveting stop is to rely on manual, the riveting process will continue if do not stop the operation manually, it continue to maintain pressure until the deformation resistance is increased over riveting force .

IRIVET Machinery adopts the latest technologies of hydraulic boosting and low pessure controlling. Hanging riveting machine-hydraulic boost cylinder type has a high pressure cylinder and hydraulic pressure transmitters for pressure changing, it change low pressure 0-6MPa to high pressure 0-30MPa.

Low pressure state : the piston move forward under no-load, the low pressure oil pump discharge large displacement oil.

High pressure state : the resistance will increase when the powerhead contact with rivets , boosting cylinder work immediately to support the riveting, the resistance of deformation will continue toincrease until reaching the pressure setting value.The powerhead will automatic move back to complete the riveting process.Therefore it can achieve quickly feeding under low pressure and perform forming under high pressure.

Due to most of time the hydraulic units is under low pressure state, it avoid leakage fault, and reduce power consumption by 5 kw only, also the noise is reduced greatly.



Service Promise

We will practice our commitment to customers, and strive to make customers trust of purchase, we guarantee to provide customers needs.

Service Items

Pre-market after-sale technical advisory services

Free technical guidance. Free sample riveting. Free mail specimen.

Two years warranty

Equipment quality issues will be replaced or free maintenance service.

One year free change promise

Free to change brand new same model of equipment within one year if major fault occure under normal operation, the major faults should must be follow warranty terms and conditions.

Whole-life service

Warranty of riveting machine also provide after-sales service, only charge you for service and replacement parts cost.

48 hours on-site emergency maintenance

For purchasing more than 5 sets machines of customers, on-site maintenance services carry out within 48 hours for major problems during the warranty period.(See Instruction Manual).Non- warranty period should charge for the maintenance.


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