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Wuhan Irivet Machinery Co,. Ltd. is a high and new technology enterprise that have technical cooperation with the United States company.As a leading manufacturer of riveting machines in China,currently we operate the brands of common riveting machine "IRIVET" and high-class riveting machine "RMMIC", which products of "IRIVET"and "RMMIC" have been covering all fields of riveting machine processing. We hired several professors and experts of riveting machine and automation industry , specializing in Common riveting machine and CNC automatic riveting machine, Heavy duty riveting machineand Fully automatic production line, etc. Our company has developed many national patents and proprietary technology,aimed at international industry at the forefront of product research and development continously. We will give customers the reasonable designation, professional manufacturing according the specifications you provided.

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Customer Evaluation

BYD Company:Cylinder cover CNC automatic riveting machine reach our exception perfectly, it meet the riveting process requirement on our company’ s independent research and development of engine, the professional conclusion by technicians team is reliable and efficient.

Wuhan Dong Feng Industry: The use of automatic gas liquid pressure riveting machine with good effect completely than we expected, we will increase such equipment again.

SINSUN Company: :Although we are leading enterprises in automation industry in China, our product perform a high degree of automation, but we have to admit - Irivet equipment is very good.

Riveting Production Line Automation and Optimization

We provide the automation and optimization service for all customers around the world. We will give the reasonable designation, professional manufacturing to optimizing your original production line therefore increasing the working efficient obviously and reducing the humans cost.



Video---Automatic Assemble Riveting Machine for processing contact spot

Automatic Assemble Riveting Machine for processing contact spot: there are some silver contact spots in the electricity switch, the sliver contact spot is very difficult to assemble by humans jobs due to it is smaller and smaller. We got a solution by optimization design to improving  the low efficient issues.

High Definition Video

Video---Intellegentized Riveting Machine

Intellegentized Riveting Machine (also called Robot riveting machine) is a set of developed advance technology equipment, the main purpose of Intellegentized Riveting Machine is to carry out high efficient manufacturing and low humans cost.

High Definition Video


Automation Production Line--CNC Riveting Production Line


Reasonable designation, Profeesional solutions, Best aft- sales service

The automation production line of CNC-riveting machine is our company newly developed products, adopted the latest automatic technology to meet the special product's requirement. We will give the reasonable designation, professional manufacturing according the specifications you provided.

Here some typical cases of automation production lines we manufactured as following:

Car engine cylinder cover production line: spin riveting machine(4 sets), flanging machine(1 set), greasing and lubricating, locking the screw, spring automatic assemble, comprehensive detection, pneumatic marking.The whole process cost 35 seconds.


Car door locker automation production line: the whole process includes: spin riveting, the height of the rivet points measuring, greasing and lubricating, locking the screw, spring automatic assemble, comprehensive detection, pneumatic marking. As well it has automatic positioning and self-diagnostics functions.

Car frame automation production line: Frame riveting line is our company's specialty projects, we will customize the most efficient and convenient frame riveting line according to customer's request, it mainly includes riveting equipment, transmission device and hanging steel structure, frock clamp and other auxiliary equipment, such as calibration equipment.


Robot Riveting Machine
Robot Riveting Machine is advanced riveting equipment that developed on the basis of industrial robot.It is consist of robots body, robot controller and the corresponding welding power supply, wire feeding mechanism, cooling system and preheating device, etc. Its main advantage is stability therefore can improve welding quality and productivity, improve labor condition, etc. The use of riveting robot can eliminate the influence of artificial factors on the product quality.




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