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IRIVET Machinery Co., Ltd. is composed for development of products, manufacturing and after sale services as a linked service organization. World wide countries is available for the supply of swift response and speedy technical offer.

It is necessary for IRIVET's success, as well as our customers’ success, that we provide a more usable, more productive, and more dependable product.


  • Sales of Spare Parts and Equipment
  • Inspection, Maintenance, Guarantee and Repair
  • Service Contracts
  • Upgrade and Conversion Works
  • Training and Technical Consulting



    The terms of service free of charge

    1. Pre-market technical advisory services, Free technical guidance. Free sample riveting. Free mail specimen.

    2. Free training and technical consulting

    3. Free maintenance service will be performed if mulfunction or damage occur under proper conditions and operations during two years guarantee period.

    4. Free to replace brand new same model of equipment if major fault occur under normal operation within one year, See The scope of the major fault.


    The paid service fee standards

    We provides the paid service for the two cases as follows, you should only charge for the replacement parts and maintenance jobs cost in accordance with The paid service fee standards

    Case 1: Non warranty period of equipments.

    Case 2: Non warranty items during warranty period.

    1. The scope of the paid service

    A. Damage is caused due to the improper use by the user, whether during warranty period or not。

    B. Damage is caused due to the use of unconformable clamps and moulds to the technical requirements, whether during warranty period or not.

    C. Damage is caused due to force majeure or natural disaster

    D. Alter the warranty certificate

    E. Non warranty period of equipments.

    F. Customer required 48 hours on-site emergency maintenance.

    2. Fee Standards

    A. Travelling expenses, according to the actual ticket prices.

    B. Labor costs,50 USD per day for each person.

    C. Hotel expenses, 50 USD per day for each person.

    D. Replaced spare parts cost, according to Spares price list.

    E. 48 hours on-site emergency maintenance, 150 USD once time.

    F. Other costs negotiated with customer, such express, freight.

    3. Notice for the paid service:

    A. All paid services fees is above only, please do not pay unreasonable charge required by maintenance personnels.

    B. Please write After-sales Service Evaluation Form seriously, the feedback is very important for improving our service.


    The scope of the major fault  

    The major failures include items as follow, Please do not dismount and maintenance by yourself, it may cause more troubles without our professional solutions.

    1. Serious oil leakage.

    2. Powerhead rotation abnormal.

    3. Severe noise and sound.

    4. Sintering occur when riveting

    5. Machine main body or other parts breakage

    6.The major failures by customers considered, Please contact with us for a details disscusion

    IRIVET Machinery reserves the right to major fault judgment, consumer should not false and exaggerate fault.


    Customer Evaluation

    BYD Company:Cylinder cover CNC automatic riveting machine reach our exception perfectly, it meet the riveting process requirement on our company' s independent research and development of engine, the professional conclusion by technicians team is reliable and efficient.

    Wuhan Dong Feng Industry:The use of automatic gas liquid pressure riveting machine with good effect completely than we expected, we will increase such equipment again.

    SINSUN Company:Although we are leading enterprises in automation industry in China, our product perform a high degree of automation, but we have to admit - Irivet equipment is very good.

    Service Promise

    We will practice our commitment to customers, and strive to make customers trust of purchase, we guarantee to provide customers needs.

    Service Items

    Pre-market after-sale technical advisory services

    Free technical guidance. Free sample riveting. Free mail specimen.

    Two years warranty

    Equipment quality issues will be replaced or free maintenance service.

    One year free change promise

    Free to change brand new same model of equipment within one year if major fault occure under normal operation, the major faults should must be follow warranty terms and conditions.

    Whole-life service

    Warranty of riveting machine also provide after-sales service, only charge you for service and replacement parts cost.

    48 hours on-site emergency maintenance

    For purchasing more than 5 sets machines of customers, on-site maintenance services carry out within 48 hours for major problems during the warranty period.(See Instruction Manual).Non- warranty period should charge for the maintenance.


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